In Via Condotti, inside Palazzo Caffarelli, the Neapolitan brothers Peppino and Vincenzo Capuano, after a long collaboration with their other brother Pietro, aka ‘Chantecler’, finally inaugurated their Roman atelier in 1960. Their work has been enhancing and showcasing the heritage of high Italian craftsmanship that represents the lifeblood of the historic shops in the center of Rome.
The Roman maison immediately distinguished itself for its unique models, created and interpreted with ‘joy and imagination‘, as always in the Capuano style.

Vincenzo Capuano was one of the founders and President of the Via Condotti Association, a group of businesses which is aimed at safeguarding and promoting the Via Condotti artistic and aesthetic high standards, and creator of the ‘Via Condotti Award‘, a prestigious cultural-social recognition for those who “despite not being of Roman heritage, loves Rome and is reciprocated“.

So many anecdotes to tell: from the gold chain welded around the waist of the beautiful actress Brigitte Bardot to the sketch of a hand designed by Renato Guttuso, from the very charming actresses Ursula Andress and Joan Crawford to the movie director Luchino Visconti who wanted only jewelry with personality for his own movie sets. And even the pleasant exchanges in Neapolitan dialect with the great artist and showman Massimo Ranieri.

Not to mention the collection of countless sketches, each with its own history, drawn to give shape to even the most bizarre desires, to create a unique jewel, customized by the imagination of those who choose it.

Manual processing is the core element that characterizes our history. All our creations are handcrafted and entirely handmade with tailor made and customized service.
According to our tradition, jewels of excellent manufacture, hand-engraved on stones and enamel creations stand out.

Sergio Capuano, an engineer with a strong artistic sensibility, and his son Federico are passionate interpreters of a family tradition successfully reached into the third generation, still surprise you today in their own elegant lounge shop, a cozy niche in the heart of the city.




It was the 1970s, via Condotti with its eternal charm, when the beautiful Brigitte Bardot entered the store, still an indelible memory in the minds of our craftsmen. Another sweet memory is the sketch of an hand drawn by their dear friend the artist Guttuso, while sitting on the sofa and inspired by the Capuano’s atelier atmosphere…