Rome Chinese New Year


The Peppino Capuano Jewelry gladly supports the ‘Rome Chinese New Year Celebration’ organized by the KRT and promoted by the Via Condotti Association, one of the many initiatives aimed at promoting the boutiques and historical realities of the Center of Rome.
On the widespread exhibition ‘Liu Bolin Hiding in the fashion districts’ we hosted a work by the great artist entitled ‘Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome 2012’, and we were fascinated by his peculiar figurative art.
Following the guiding thread of the Chinese Year of the Pig, we have arranged special jewels on the theme to showcase Made in Italy creativity and welcome the Chinese customers giving them a unique and special emotion.
Not wanting to leave out any details, even our window inside the courtyard of Palazzo Caffarelli was decorated in different shades of red with a special touch: small lanterns exclusively handmade by our friend and artist Marilena Rifilato Apreda #birimbaokrea.



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